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2018年度斎藤功研究助成 研究成果報告書

 佐々木 智章(2020)

2015年度斎藤功研究助成 研究成果報告書

 羽田 司(2017)

 高橋 昂輝(2017)

2016年度若手研究者国際会議派遣事業 発表報告書

Freshwater Fisheries under Changing of Natural and Social Environment in Lake Kasumigaura
 遊佐 暁(2016)

Formation of the Smart Community: A Case of Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
 本多 広樹(2016)

Biological Weathering on the First Gallery Wall of Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia
 宋 苑瑞(2016)

The Potential of “Soundscape” in Terms of Community Development
 : A Case Study of the Chirping of Bell Cricket in Matsukawa Village, Japan
 坂本 優紀(2016)

The Development of Mountaineering Booms in the Northern Japanese Alps
 猪股 泰広(2016)

2015年度若手研究者国際会議派遣事業 発表報告書

Construction of the Geo-story Incorporating Sake Brewing Industries in the Geopark
 : A Case Study of Itoigawa Geopark, Central Japan
 坂口 豪(2016)

Geographical analysis on taking photographs in the guided tour
 : a case study of experimental group tour in Izu Oshima Island, Japan
 小池 拓矢(2016)

Transformation of Urban Ethnic Business: Korean Business Development in Okubo Koreatown, Tokyo
 金 延景(2016)

An Examination of Utilization of E-commerce in Business Activities in Remote Islands
 : Comparison of Ama and Ogasawara in Japan
 上村 博昭(2016)

Reuse of cultural resources and walking tourism in France—A case study of the “Stevenson trail”
 市川 康夫(2016)

2014年度若手研究者国際会議派遣事業 発表報告書

Housing Pathways of Young People in the Japanese Urban Housing Market および
The Dilemmas of Japanese Suburban Neighborhoods (1)
 : Housing Policy, Ageing Populations, and Vacant Houses around Tokyo

 久保 倫子(2014)

Transforming Remote Island Medical Care by Deploying Broadband Network 植村 円香(2014)

Development of the Geopark Movement in the Kanawinka Region, Australia
 磯野 巧(2014)