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Invitation to the Association of Japanese Geographers - AJG (English)

Founded in 1925 in Tokyo, the Association of Japanese Geographers (AJG) has played a leading role in promoting of geographic research in Japan. It now has some 3000 members with diverse backgrounds, specialties, and interests. Given that the AJG attained the status of Public Service Corporation in Japan on April 1, 2012, it is expected to contribute further more to the dissemination and application of geographical knowledge in the society. The AJG publishes the Geographical Review of Japan Series B, an online English journal, as well as two Japanese journals: Geographical Review of Japan; and E-journal GEO. The AJG hosts two annual meetings in spring and autumn. Special research groups explore various geographical subfields and topics. In addition, the AJG has started publishing a new series of English Book entitled “International Perspectives in Geography: AJG Library” (jointly published with Springer Japan Co. Ltd.). The AJG are welcome to submission of the manuscript to this new series. Your request for joining to us is always welcome.

Prof. Oguchi Takashi
President, Association of Japanese Geographers


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