About AJG - AJG (English)

The Association of Japanese Geographers was founded in 1925 and is devoted to promoting research on various aspects of geography in Japan. With recent developments in Japanese geography and ever increasing international contacts, the Association launched the English issue of the Geographical Review of Japan in 1984. The English issue appears twice a year. Each issue contains papers in English on a wide range of subfields of geography. The Geographical Review of Japan English Edition intends to provide an international medium for the publication of articles that will give new concepts, ideas and scope to geography. We invite your application for full membership of the Association of Japanese Geographers or a subscription of the Geographical Review of Japan English Edition.


  1. Promoting studies and communication in geography.
  2. Publication of Geographical Review of Japan (Ser. A, Ser.B and E-Journal GEO).
  3. Biannual meetings, research meetings, lectures and excursions
  4. Coordination of other geographical and related scientific