Study Groups of AJG 2016 - AJG (English)

Study Groups

1. Formation of Region in Modern Japan
(Chair: AMANO, Kouji)
2. Urban Climate and Environment
(Chair: SAKAKIBARA,Yasushi)
3. Land-Use and Land-Cover Change
(Chair: KIMOTO,Koichi)
4. Environmental Geographic Education
(Chair: PARK,Hye-Sook)
5. Chinese Geography
(Chair: ONODERA,Jun)
6. Geography of Industrial Economies
(Chairs: SUEYOSHI,Kenji and FUJITA, Kazufumi)
7. Nature and Society
(Chair: WATANABE, Kazuyuki)
8. Space of International Economy and Management
(Chairs: TAIRA, Atsushi and SCHLUNZE,Rolf D.)
9. Ethnic Geography
(Chair: OISHI,Taro )
10. GIS for Historical Maps
(Chair: FUJITA, Hirotsugu)
11. Geography of Tourism and Tourist Destination
(Chair: FUNCK, Carolin)
12. Agricultural and Rural Geography
(Chair: MORIMOTO,Takehiro)
13. Urban Geography
(Chair: ABE, Kazutoshi)
14. Alpine and Subalpine Vegetation History
(Chair: YASUDA, Masatsugu)
15. Regional Issues Related to the Birthrate Decline and Population Aging
(Chair: MIYAZAWA, Hitoshi)
16. Gender and Space/Place
(Chair: KAGEYAMA,Honami)
17. GIS and Society
(Chairs: WAKABAYASHI, Yoshiki and NISHIMURA, Yuichiro)
18. Recovery of the Areas Affected by the 2011Great East Japan Earthquake
(Chair: IWAFUNE, Masaki)
19. Large Landslides in the Japanese Alps
(Chair: KARIYA, Yoshihiko)
20.  Regional Geography of Water and People
(Chairs: MIYAOKA,Kunihide and OYAGI, Hideo)
21. Socio-Cultural Geography of the City
(Chair: OSHIRO, Naoki)
22. History of Climate and Natural Disaster
(Chair: MIKAMI, Takehiko)
23. Health Geography
(Chair: HANIBUCHI, Tomoya)
24. Geography of Public Affairs and Local Governance
(Chair: SATO, Masashi)
25. Outreach of the Geography
(Chair: HASEGAWA, Naoko)
26. Regional Collaboration between Municipalities and Universities
(Chair: YAMADA, Hirohisa)
27. Geography of Semi-arid and Arid Region
(Chair: KASHIMA, Kaoru)
28. People and Life of the Japanese Islands
29. Distribution System
30. Sustainable Transportation System
31. Geography on Nature Conservation