Notice for Registering with Confit

Registering with Confit

In the “General Presentation” session, up to one paper per lead presenter or presenter can be presented either as an oral presentation or poster presentation. Additionally, the presenter in the “General Presentation” session can also present in the “Symposium Presentation” session.

There are three symposiums in Spring 2022 meeting:

  • Symposium1: Education for Disaster Prevention
  • Symposium2: International Regional Geography
  • Symposium3: Ino Map
  • Symposium4: Environmental Change of the Siberia

A new presentation registration system, Confit, was introduced from the Academic Meeting Spring 2018. With the introduction of Confit, postal delivery of abstracts was abolished, and all abstracts are to be submitted as PDF files.



The presenter must register with Confit himself/herself on the Internet. The Meeting Committee does not carry out registration on behalf of the presenter.

Registration opens at noon (JST) on Sunday January 9th, 2022 and closes at 23:59 (JST) on Friday January 21st.

The input content can be revised as many times as necessary as long as revision is carried out during the registration period.

Anything registered before 12:00 noon (JST) on January 9th 2022 will be deleted when the application opens. Please do not access Confit until the first day of registration (at noon on January 9th).

The ID (account) acquired when registering with Confit is valid for this meeting only.


Click here to register with Confit


【Important】When registration is confirmed, the “Your presentation has been registered” will be sent to you by e-mail. Please ensure you that are registered.



2.During registration

Please register items according to the Confit screen. Information about the use of HTML tags, character reference, Greek alphabet, how to register the presentation title, and how to apply is provided on the Confit site.

For the author’s name/affiliation, the presentation title, and keywords, please input the same contents as provided in the abstract (the PDF file) that is produced separately. Those affiliated with universities, please abbreviate your affiliation as shown in the examples below. Other presenters, please fill in your affiliation in as simple a format as possible following the program of past Academic Meetings available in copies of the Geographical Review of Japan.


  • Chiri University, Graduate School of Comprehensive Culture -> Chiri U. (the university is abbreviated to “U” and faculties and graduate schools are omitted.)
  • Postgraduate student at Chiri University -> Chiri U, PG (postgraduate students are expressed as “PG,” undergraduate students as “UG,” and postdoctoral researchers “PD”)
  • Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Letters, Chiri University -> Chiri U, PT
  • Emeritus Professor, Chiri University -> Chiri U, Emeritus
  • Chiri University/JSPS Fellow -> JSPS PD/Chiri U, Chiri U JSPS DC (JSPS PD comes before the affiliated university and JSPS DC comes after the affiliated university)


Membership type (full/student/non-member) should be manually input.

To delete affiliation or author, please leave everything blank and update.

Only presenters should input their e-mail address.

When English is selected as the language of presentation, the entry in the program will be in English.

A password is necessary to revise registration content after the first attempt.

An abstract is used to facilitate easier search and viewing on the Internet. The maximum number of characters is 2,000. The abstract can be the same as the PDF file, a simplified version, or a shorter one. In order to promote the internationalization of the Association, please try to provide the abstract in English as well. One-byte characters can only be used in submitting the abstract in English.


3.Procedures in Confit registration

Please note that there have been some changes to the registration procedure due to the change of the registration system.


  • If you are presenting in both the General Presentation session and the Symposium presentation session, you will use the same login ID.
  • The maximum length of an abstract to be registered is one page.
  • Saving does not complete registration. Please make sure to proceed to the last stage, “Submit.” Also, please check your e-mail for a notification that registration has been completed.



(1) Logging in


  • In order to submit an abstract, you must have a registered account.
  • If you do not have an account, please register for an account through the “Create an account” link.
  • You cannot register for an account once the submission period is expired (you need to register for a new account for each Academic Meeting).



(2) After logging in, registration, and submission of the abstract

Please start the registration procedure after you have prepared the PDF file of your abstract.


  • Up to ten affiliations can be registered.
  • Information of up to ten presenters can be registered.
  • To delete affiliation or author, please leave everything blank and update.
  • Only presenters should input their e-mail addresses.
  • Before completing registration, please confirm that you have observed “terms and conditions” on the screen by ticking “Agree.”
  • After a set amount of time has passed (when there is no clicking for more than 60 minutes), you will automatically be logged out. You will then have to log in again.
  • Please upload the PDF file of your abstract.