Geographical review of Japan Series B Vol. 92, No. 1(2019)の目次

Progress Report

SUZUKI Y., ISHII S., INAMURA T., NARA Y., TAKAHASHI H., BATTULGA S., ENKHTAIVAN D., NARANGEREL S-Y., ARIUNAA C., SERJMYADAG D., ALTANBADRALT B. and BADRAL T.: Enhancing Citizens’ Disaster Resilience through an International Transdisciplinary Research Project in Mongolia  1-9

Translated Article

IKEDA M.:Role of Culture and Consumption in the Process of Gentrification: Case Study of the Reuter Quarter in the Former West Berlin Neukölln (English Translation)  10-32

SHIN J.: Transnational Migration of Koreans to the New York Metropolitan Area: Perspectives on Residential Selection and Relationship with Koreatowns (English Translation)     33-49


Correction for Fujibe et al.(2018) on Volume 91(Figure 4(Page 21))    50