Geographical Review of Japan Series B, Vol.85, No.1公開のお知らせ


SEO Bongman: Globalization of Japanese Banks in Global Syndicated Credit Markets: A Geo-relational Approach

RANAWEERAGE Eranga: Agricultural Lifestyle, Perspectives and Conservational Issues in Protected Areas: A Study of Human-Elephant Conflict in Pidurangala in the Central Province of Sri Lanka

OKA Shuichi and KANNO Hiromitsu: Plant Community Dynamics and Microtopography Close to the Tree Line on the Northwestern Slope of Mt. Fuji, Central Japan

NGO Duc Tung, SAKAI Tetsuro,MORIYA Kazuyuki and MIZUNO Kei: Participation in and Benefits of Community Forest Management: Learning from Cases in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam