Application to present at the Academic Meeting, Spring 2019

The Academic Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers, Spring 2019, will be held at Senshu University. Members who wish to present their papers at the Meeting should apply by noon on Monday, January 21th, 2019 after consulting the details below.


Venue:Senshu University

Dates: From Wednesday, March 20th to Friday, March 22nd, 2019

(The council is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, March 19th)


Types of presentation

  • There are two types of presentation: “General Presentation” and “Symposium Presentation.” Only members of the Association of Japanese Geographers can present their papers in the “General Presentation” session (in the case of multiple presenters, the lead presenters as well as the presenters must be members of the AJG). For “Symposium Presentation,” if the symposium organizer agrees, non-members can present.
  • There are two types of presentations in the “General Presentation”: a. oral presentation and b. poster presentation. Both are of the same status as a presentation. In the “General Presentation” session, up to one paper per lead presenter or presenter can be presented either as an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Additionally, the presenter in the “General Presentation” session can also present in the “Symposium Presentation” session.
  • All those wishing to present are required to apply to conduct a presentation. If the application is not completed by the deadline, it will not be accepted.


Details of presentation

  • An “oral presentation” consists of 15 minutes of presentation and 4 minutes of question-and-answer. The slots for presentations will be allocated; in order to find out when you are to present, please consult with the program that will be finalized in due course. You can use the projector, but not the overhead projector at the presentation. You are not permitted to circulate material at the presentation.
  • As for the “poster presentation,” places for mounting posters will be designated. Please check at the venue. Only one poster per presenter is allowed. The standard size of the poster is 841 mm (width) x 1189 mm (height). A poster that is smaller than the standard size is accepted. You are permitted to circulate material at the venue. For the poster presentation, please provide a 20-minute explanation in front of your poster at least once during 17:00-18:00 on Wednesday, March 20th or 9:00-15:00 on Thursday, March 21st. In the “General Presentation” session, related presentations can be grouped together in the same time slot (in the case of oral presentations) or in the same place (in the case of poster presentations) (“Group Presentation”). The coordinator of a group presentation should apply by the deadline specified below.
  • In the “Symposium Presentation” session, before you apply, please ensure you have agreed on the symposium organizer. The length and format of the symposium is left to the discretion of the symposium organizer. The symposium organizer is asked to submit the symposium program by the deadline specified below.


Please note:

  • If an abstract in PDF format does not arrive by the application deadline, the application will not be accepted.
  • No change to the presentation title or the abstract is permitted after the application deadline.
  • The applicant cannot specify the date and time of presentation.


Please note that the following changes apply from the Academic Meeting, Spring 2018:

  • In the “General Presentation” session, up to one paper per lead presenter or presenter can be presented either as an oral presentation or poster presentation. However, the presenter in the “General Presentation” session can also present in the “Symposium Presentation” session.
  • A new presentation registration system, Confit, was introduced from the Academic Meeting Spring 2018. With the introduction of Confit, postal delivery of abstracts was abolished, and all abstracts are to be submitted as PDF files.
  • The ID (account) acquired when registering with Confit is valid for this meeting only.
  • The following changes have been made to presentation topics:
    • “General Geography,” “Land use/landscape,” “Environmental system/regional environment,” “Area study/regional geography (domestic)” and “Other” have been removed.
    • “The Great East Japan Earthquake” and “Kumamoto Earthquake” have been merged into “Disasters.”
    • “Area Study/topography (overseas)” has been renamed “Area study overseas/regional geography.”
    • “Outreach” has been added since Academic Meeting, Spring 2019.


How to apply to present


  • All those who wish to present must apply through the conference registration system, Confit. The application opens at noon on January 7th and closes at noon, January 21st, 2019.
  • When applying, you must register for an account as well as submit the abstract on Confit.
  • If you have questions about registration, please send your inquiries to between 9:00 and 17:00 during the aforementioned application period. Please note that it may take a while to respond to your query. Queries raised outside the application period will not be dealt with.


On group presentations and symposium presentations:

  • The coordinator of a group presentation should send a list of presenters and their topics in the order of presentation by e-mail to the secretariat ( by Monday January 21st.
  • Those presenting at the symposium are asked to apply on Confit as in the case of General Presentation. The symposium organizer is asked to send a program containing the names of presenters and their topics, and the timing by e-mail to the secretariat ( by Monday January 21st. If there is any presentation without an abstract published in the proceedings, please indicate it with the program.


Please ensure that you have the following before applying:

  • Bibliographical details such as the title, abstract in Japanese and English, keywords
  • Presenter information, including the names and affiliations of all presenters
  • An electronic file containing the abstract (PDF format < 5MB, Figures < 300KB)


Steps in application

Please follow the following steps to apply.


(1) Produce an abstract

  • In producing an abstract, please refer to the “Style manual for proceedings of the Academic Meeting.” The abstract should be contained by one page. Anything exceeding the one-page limit will be discarded.
  • An abstract sent to the secretariat as an attachment to an e-mail will not be accepted. Any abstract that does not follow the “Style manual for proceedings of the general meeting” will not be accepted. Abstracts cannot be substituted after the application closes, so please make sure that you are sending the right abstract before sending it.


Style manual for proceedings of the Academic Meeting



(2) Register with Confit

  • In order to submit an abstract, you must have a registered account. If you do not have an account, please register for an account through the “Create an account” link. You cannot register for an account once the submission period is expired (you need to register for a new account for each Academic Meeting).
  • After registration, a reference number will be e-mailed to you. Please keep it safe. For details, please follow instructions on the registration screen on Confit.
  • Registration opens at noon, Monday January 7th, 2019 and closes at noon, Monday January 21st, 2019.
  • Anything registered before noon on January 7th 2019 will be deleted when the application opens. Please do not access Confit until the first day of registration (at noon on January 7th).


Click here to register with Confit

【Important】When registration is confirmed, the “Your presentation has been registered” will be sent to you by e-mail. Please ensure you that are registered.